Hello and welcome

Like many people, my life has been difficult, some of it I must confess, through my own doing. Lol, let’s be honBatladyexpest, most of it!! Not intentionally, heck, things are difficult enough without deliberately undermining oneself! No, rather, through a lack of understanding the cycles I kept repeating! How often have I declared, “I can’t believe this is happening to me again”!!
I had the ‘cymbals clanging’ realisation that I wasn’t being real with myself or anyone else! I’d spent my life striving to be someone that didn’t stand out to much, or cause too much sensationalism. It was so desperately important to me that I fit in. I wasn’t going to risk someone being repelled by the real me, life was tough enough! No wonder I had a breakdown! It’s extremely difficult pretending to be someone you’re not.
So this blog is about me coming out of the closet and shouting far and loud, “This is who I really am”. So, who is that then, I guess you’re wondering? And why should I even care? Well, the ‘who’ you will surely discover as you follow my blog. And the ‘why you might care’, is because you and I are probably a lot alike. In fact, I’m guessing there are millions of people out there in the world who are struggling with much the same dilemma, knowing or unknowingly.
Two things you need to know up front:
I am an overthinking control freak, with a very logical mind
I am intensely spiritual
You probably don’t need to have it pointed out that these two traits do not make for an easy life, lol.
This blog is about me having some fun with what can be an intensely serious subject, ‘spirituality’ It is not my intention to offend and for that reason, if you are an atheist or believe that your religion is the only way, then I would recommend respectfully, that you take your leave. I spent nine years in religious circles and understand the passion and goodwill. I no longer practice a religion and firmly believe that love, compassion and good will to all, including one’s self is the journey.

So, what’s with the ‘fruitbat’ you’re probably wondering?
When I had my breakdown, I was prone to doing some rather silly/odd things. My husband nicknamed me Fruitbat as they can get slightly intoxicated if they eat too much over-ripe fruit. Apparently, in his opinion, I too displayed similar behaviour on an occasion or two!! Well maybe slightly more often than that, lol. So it seemed an apt name for my blog.
There will be lots of bat references throughout. Bats see the world upside-down a lot of the time. I guess that most of us have our own unique take on things. It’s fun to step back and observe something from a different perspective. Hopefully, you will enjoy my blog and come along on what I hope will be a sometimes funny and sometimes thought provoking journey.
To those of you who choose to follow my blog, I give you the honary title of Batties.
So potential Batties everywhere, don’t hide your light any more. Stand up tall and blaze a trail of wonder and awe as you dare to be who you really are and not who you think others intend you to be! Let the following quote from the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland be your motto:
“Im not crazy, my reality is just different from yours”.
Toodle pip

28 thoughts on “Hello and welcome

  1. I’m another Batty. We’re more alike than I had realised. Been there, done that with the religion, the trying to fit in, and the ensuing mental chaos.


    1. Hello Lisa and welcome to the Battie Clan, thrilled to have you on board! I guess we’ve never had the time to chat properly, that’s fascinating that you’ve done all that too:)


  2. Those that love you for you are all anyone should worry about.
    Your circle gets smaller in life as you realise this… I call it the weeding process.


  3. I can strongly relate to the battie tribe! Love fruitbats ….Cuddly, cheeky, chilled and wise! Well done for taking this step! 👍


    1. Hello Jacqueline, yes indeed, I love your art work. Thrilled to know you’re reading my blog and hooked up on Facebook too 😊❤️


    1. Lol, super human_bat…I’ve been called worse! 🤗 Thank you for your kind comments. I hope you enjoy being a Battie 🦇🙃❤


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