Happy New Year

Hello lovely people and a very Happy New Year to you all.

So what have I determined to do in 2016?  I have decided that just to breathe is enough!  Yes, nice long, slow steady belly breathes and not the usual short, shallow chest breathing that has been my norm.  The intention being that this will have a knock on effect with my crazily fast, helter-skelter of a mind.  So 2016 shall be slower, calmer, clearer and genuinely as a result of this, far less traumatic than 2015!!!   Anyone resonating with that?

However, I will confess to signing up for a 30 day Yoga Programme which is now three days in and I haven’t managed one lesson yet!!!  Not to worry though, as I didn’t think for one moment that I’d access the lessons on the given days.  My hope is that, as with past programmes I’ve signed up for, they give you a five day time slot for each one.  At this rate I’ll be finishing the programme at the end of February and not January 30th but hey ho, just b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

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