The Disappearing Bikini Briefs

Diet, diet, diet, that’s the general mantra that is being spread far and wide.  For me it’s a mantra that I’m studiously ignoring as I know dieting doesn’t work, healthy eating is the answer.  I know that I need to indulge in some serious healthy eating as back in the summer I had a rather nasty surprise…. I was laid out on my patio doing a spot of sunbathing, just as I had done three weeks previously.  My tan was getting fairly established, moving from iceberg white to a faint hint of a tan (I definitely had a white bottom in comparison to the rest of me).

Nothing could’ve prepared me for what happened next!  As I lifted my head to look down my body, I was confused as I know that when I laid down I was wearing bikini briefs.  Yes, I was quite sure of that but they had disappeared!  How could that be?  I know they were there and I was pretty sure that I would’ve been aware if someone had tried to pull them off me!  Then it dawned on me, they hadn’t disappeared, my stomach was hiding them!!!  In just three short weeks my stomach had grown to a level where it obstructed my view of my hip bones and briefs.  That was several months ago now and I’m scared to lie down like that again as I don’t think I’ll be able to see my feet now either!!!!  Just b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

17 thoughts on “The Disappearing Bikini Briefs

  1. Know how you feel I too would like to have a flat stomach, but are woman supposed to have flat stomachs or slightly rounded or is it because we think men expect us to have a flat stomach !


  2. This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger.
    I have joined your rsss feed and look forward to seeking more of your fantastic post.
    Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!


    1. Thank you Lawanna, I’m thrilled by your comments and really appreciate you sharing blog. Another Battie, joins the Clan 😊


  3. Me too. Just can’t seem to summon up the willpower to eat healthily most of the time. If you find how to do that let me know.


    1. At the moment I’m skipping breakfast, so that I only eat two meals a day and in a six hour window (1-7pm). Apparently the prolonged fast helps the body burn up more fat. You don’t have to skip a meal, just eating in a shorter window of time does the same thing. Been doing it for ten days now but haven’t ventured on the scales yet!!!


  4. The hardest thing is finding the right balance, hardcore dieting won’t work as you need to be able to indulge a bit you can’t just wipe out all of the thing’s you love.
    Food can make you happy and looking forward to your meal’s and snack’ are one of our pleasure’s in life.
    Simple thing’s like cutting down your portion sizes and not snacking as much or even changing your snacks for something healthy that you like.
    Most importantly I think whatever change you make just make sure that it’s not drastic as you’re more than likely setting yourself up to fail, little changes will make a difference remember Rome wasn’t built in a week and there’s plenty of time to make the changes that you need too to make your knickers reappear.


  5. Ohhh, that one! LOL!!! How well most of us know it ain’t easy looking like “Twiggy” (she brought in the skinny look)(guess that dates me)(g) I found you’re 10 fold right on. Don’t diet, just eat healthy! Now, for the $2,500.00 it takes to afford it! lol! Let’s just “Brearhe”!


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