Burn Those Calories!!!

As an addition to the previous post of my disappearing bikini bottoms and my decision to just breathe through 2016.  I’m wondering about learning the Yogic Bellows Breath, I believe it fires up the metabolism and hence burns up a few calories.


So be warned, if you are out shopping and you see a middle aged woman in the fruit and veg aisle (healthy eating) seemingly gasping for breath, don’t be alarmed and panic about your First Aid skills, they won’t be needed.  It’s just me burning a few extra calories!!!  Just b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

4 thoughts on “Burn Those Calories!!!

  1. If that sort of breathing is a way of losing weight I shall be in dire need of a paper bag as I shall be hyperventilating 😩


    1. It actually is according to Yogis. I can’t vouch for it myself as I’ve not tried it for any serious length of time 🙂


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