Shake, Shake, Shake

Monday night I attended what I hope (see previous post) will be a long and sustained effort at belly dancing.  Yes indeed, I found myself along with a dozen other lovely but not so svelte ladies, hustled into a room to be presented to our new belly dance instructor!  I say ‘presented’ because that’s a bit what it felt like. One minute I was just part of a crowd and the next stood in the presence of a young, tall, slender goddess of a woman with a tiny waist and washboard abs.


As I eyed her up and down for an hour, (not because I’m rude) but because she hardly spoke for the whole hour, so had to watch her like a hawk!  She gracefully and fluidly did the movements and we copied her.  I say copied but that’s a very loose interpretation of what actually happened.  As I surveyed the room, it was apparent that we were not doing a good job of copying!  While she looked regal and calm and her movements were slow, delicate and beautiful, we looked like a bunch of robots!

How she maintained her smile throughout the class, I’ll never know!  If I’d been at the front looking at us, I would’ve been rolling around the floor howling with laughter (note to self, never become a fitness instructor).  I had to keep reminding myself that she too once looked like us (maybe not as cuddly but probably uncoordinated)!

The hope is that I will enjoy belly dancing and that at some point feel accomplished enough to dare to wear the customary outfit and get my belly out!  I need something to inspire me to lose weight!

Am I aching? Yes I am but I shall be going back next week and will try not to hold my breath so much.  I was so busy concentrating that I forgot to just b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

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