A Touch Of Pongitis!

Once upon a time in the land of Possibilities, where all things grow and exist for the good of all, there came upon the folk a fear so dreadful as someone in their midst had caught Pongitis.  They were quite sure of this, as they could smell it!!  They actually knew who it was but couldn’t tell her for fear of embarrassing her.  How could she not know that she smelt so foul they wondered?

You see the strange thing about Pongitis is that it creeps up on you, as it had on poor Ursula who, well, quite frankly it had to be said, smelt like the fetid morning breath and botty burps of an ogre! Ursula had no idea that she was emitting a bit of a quaff (let’s be kind)!


She’d been fine before, like all her folk, so beautifully fragrant, her own particular smell was of strawberries with a hint of lavender.  Ursula’s mother smelt of roses with a hint of vanilla and her father’s aroma was sandalwood with a hint of freshly mown grass.

Ursula had recently journeyed to the faraway land of Wanting and stayed in Abundance Ville, where folk seemingly had it all!  Big homes, massive T.V’s, fabulous cars, the most amazing outfits and best of all, cosmetic surgery.  Folk could literally alter their appearances permanentl!  Strange how big her nose suddenly seemed!  Why, just this morning she was shocked to see that she was a bit on the large side and wouldn’t it be nice to have blond curly hair and goodness, were her ears sticking out?  “Oh my, what must other people think of me?” she constantly wondered.

Oh dear, poor Ursula, she didn’t understand that she was a victim of STINKING THINKING, (Pongitis).  She was literally emitting a sour odour because of her sour thoughts.

Imagine what it would be like if negative thoughts gave off bad odours!  I know there would be days when I wouldn’t be able to leave the house, lol (not sure it’s funny really). The cure for Pongitis is to stop being judgmental.  Accept yourself!

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