Lush’s Yoga Bomb

I have trouble sleeping and was in the wonderful shop LUSH looking for a bath bomb to help relax me.  A very helpful assistant took me around a smorgasbord of bath bombs, very patiently explaining the virtues of the wonderful essential oils with which they are so decadently fragranced.


At first it was the lovely Honey Bee bath bomb that enticed me with its beautiful fragrance and I duly popped one into my shopping basket.  The assistant, not content with just one bath bomb going into my basket (clearly sensing that I was in spending mode) ushered me further down the counter and introduced me to the Yoga Bomb.  It looked like the usual bath bomb but was I in for a surprise!

The Yoga Bomb takes an amazing 15 mins to dissolve and goes through an array of changes, making it a very ‘mindful’ experience. The assistant asked if I could spare the time to watch one dissolve.  Is this for real, I asked myself?  I now feel like one of those movie stars who have shops closed to the public, just so they can shop undisturbed.  Oh yes indeedy, I can spare the time!

For the next 15 mins I enjoyed one of the most visually amazing experiences of my life.  The Yoga Bomb immediately started fizzing and turned from peach into yellow with gold shimmers, I was looking at the sun in all its glory.  Next a beautiful turquoise frothed out forming a perfect yin+yang.  Then violets, yellows and blue swirls reminded me of rainbows (not for real, just my own imaginings).

OMG, what’s not to love about this beautiful peach orb!  It is an absolute feast for the senses, silky, aromatic and spectacularly colourful.

What fabulousness was this, in Portsmouth on a dreary Saturday afternoon?  So, sales pitch over and two Yoga Bombs safely ensconced in my bag along with a Honey Bee (I was really spoiling myself) and I’m off home to have a bath!  (To be continued)

2 thoughts on “Lush’s Yoga Bomb

  1. Looking forward to next instalment, looks like bath time will turn in to a wrinkly experience not wanting to get out of the bath,I shower but you certainly make a bath feel tempting


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