Pearls Of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom

I frequently see posts doing the rounds on Facebook, saying that we should cut people out of our lives who aggravate us. That’s all very well but if we do this, we lose the opportunity for personal growth. If we breeze through life without any obstacles, then what have we learnt? (Aside from the fact that we must be perfect!) The best sailors don’t just sail on calm water!


An oyster doesn’t look particularly beautiful, yet inside it can have the most beautiful pearl. The size of the pearl is dependent on the amount of irritation/grit the oyster has been exposed to.   The oyster produces a mucus called nacre to protect itself from any irritants which manage to sneak inside its shell. The nacre builds up and hardens, eventually forming a pearl.

So if we want to cultivate a beautiful inside, then we shouldn’t avoid opportunities to grow! I don’t mean that we should be running around with a ‘bring it on, I can handle anything’ attitude, (let’s face it, there are always situations best avoided)! Just look at those difficult personalities in a more positive way, knowing that you are being given an opportunity to grow. And let’s not forget, we unknowingly are also helping others increase their inner beauty, lol.

So please don’t rid yourselves of all the irritating people in your life. Next time one breezes in just smile and b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

5 thoughts on “Pearls Of Wisdom

    1. Thank you Teresa, it is my hope that this blog will make people ponder and laugh. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, lol.


  1. Husband and children children still teaching me.I had a problem tonight TV control not working so phoned Sky was on the phone a good hour on my knees unplugging pressing buttons and getting a bit frustrated then found myself thinking of your blog today and asked myself “what is this teaching me? Patience !! Which made me laugh and took frustration away thank you that blog today was great timing


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