Yoga Bomb – A Personal Experience

(Continued, see previous post (11/06/16)

Now to find out if I was a victim of marketing, were all Yoga Bombs equally fantastic, or was I enticed by a clever sales assistance on a day when I was easily impressed?  Now let me tell you the joy of bathing with the Yoga Bomb.


I stepped in the bath, Yoga Bomb in hand, I didn’t want to miss a minute of its fizzing, so got myself sat comfortably before placing it in the middle of the bath. (A little water helps too, lol).  I was held captivated as I watched it fizz like a Catherine wheel with such beautiful colours and shapes. The shapes were different this time and I saw peacocks, beautiful coloured serpents (don’t worry, they weren’t real) etc. Then it was over, or so I thought but wait, what is this I see, the water in which I am sat is awash with glitter, and the soapy residue looks like small clouds, then tadpoles, then tiny islands.  Now the water has turned green like algae and I can see the glitter on my body.

What alchemy is this, I wonder?  I entered the bath feeling tired and like a swamp creature and emerged from the primordial soup feeling like a goddess with shimmering skin!

A big thank you to whoever designed the Lush Yoga Bomb, capable of turning swamp creatures into goddesses!

If any of you lovely Batties get to try one of these Yoga Bombs, do let me know what you experienced!

2 thoughts on “Yoga Bomb – A Personal Experience

  1. I shall certainly buy one sounds such a lovely experience I think Lush needs to increase their order for this product after fellow Batties read your blog


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