Breathing Techniques

Hello lovely Batties, today’s topic is about breathing, or rather b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g!

In the world of yoga the breath and how we breathe is given great importance. Yogis believe that we are each born with an exact number of breaths to breathe during our life time. They noted that animals with higher breath per minute rates, have shorter life spans than those who breathe more slowly. And further deduced that we can shorten our life span if we don’t learn to master correct breath control. (Possible? Could be).


With this in mind I would like to recommend an excellent breath meditation CD to help those of you who have difficulty relaxing, or find yourselves having panic attacks. There are many to choose from, ‘Breathing Ripples’ is one that I have personally used.

All you have to do is make yourself comfortable and breathe along with the chimes. Breathing in on one chime and out on the next. There are generally four tracks on the CDs, each track lengthens the time between the chimes, and hence your breathing has to slow down (if you’re doing it right)! So you progress at your own pace through the tracks, over a course of several weeks or even months. It is important to never force your breathe. If it feels uncomfortable stop!

There are three CDs in the ‘Breathing Ripples’ collection so you can progress even further if you like. Once you get to the third CD, you will be able to take just one breath in an hour. Granted this seems extreme but will seem like no time at all, as you literally leave your physical body and are catapulted around the Cosmos on the back of a dolphin!! (Lol, I couldn’t resist).

No, I was joking about that bit and there is only the one cd, so you’ll be fine! I did genuinely find this method both easy and very relaxing. Happy b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g!

8 thoughts on “Breathing Techniques

    1. Hello Jean, thank you for commenting and welcome. Ref pilates, your instructor should be reminding you constantly to breathe in when you open/expand your body and exhale when you close/contract your body.
      It sounds like you are anxious when at the dentists, which is why you hold your breath. I hope the following two links are of some help to you:
      Good luck x


    1. Hello Jean, I’ve never done pilates and the breathing technique seems somewhat strange but obviously has it’s advantages or they wouldn’t recommend it. Please have a look at this new link which has three excellent breathing exercises for when you’re not doing pilates, lol. They are good techniques for relaxation and relieving anxiety. I do hope this helps:


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