A Trip To The Doctors

Florence had been having a difficult time of late. It wasn’t that she felt ill, or was even in any kind of pain. It was the fingers on her right hand that were the source of the problem, or so she thought. She was sat in her doctor’s surgery with her mind racing at 100 miles an hour, trying to guess what the diagnosis would be.

The problem had gotten so bad that she couldn’t pick things up and writing was impossible. Getting dressed was an absolute nightmare and she had to allow extra time in order that she didn’t go out looking a fright! Goodness, was she going to need surgery, she wondered?

Florence’s thoughts were thankfully interrupted, by the sound of her name being called. It was time to face her doctor (It wasn’t the doc she was scared of, it was what he might say). She hastily got up making sure to keep her right hand hidden from the prying eyes of the folk in the Waiting Room (let’s face it, they were all sat trying to guess what misfortune everyone else was suffering from.)

“What can I do for you Mrs White?” her doctor asked.

“Well Doctor, I am most distressed, as I can’t use three of the fingers on my right hand anymore. I’ve had to take time off from work.” Florence pulled her hand out from the security of her left armpit and showed the doctor her hand, which had three fingers bent back onto her palm.


The doctor exclaimed, “You’ve got a rather severe case of Three Finger Syndrome, which is as a result of repetitive strain.”

“Oh no.” sighed Florence, “Will I need surgery and how did I get it?”

Her doctor replied, “No my dear, no surgery is required, this is easily fixed. Just stop pointing your finger at people.”

Florence was embarrassed, as she knew that she was guilty of this but she never realised that when she pointed her finger (judged someone) that there were three pointing back at her!

On the way home she resolved to be less judgemental and made a mental note to stop flicking the proverbial V at folk too. Goodness knows what that syndrome would look like!!!

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    1. Hello Angela and welcome to the Battie Clan. Thank you for commenting on my post, I do hope you will continue to enjoy my blog 🙂


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