No More Lists Please!

I don’t know about you but I once was a fan of making lists, in order to get stuff done. I used to be an exceptional list maker. I developed this ability through watching my Mum, who it has to be said, is the List Maker Extraordinaire!!

As you will be aware having read (Hello and Welcome) I have changed slightly these last five years or so. Alas, the power of the list has somewhat waned for me. I can write a list and still find this part very positive, as at this stage it is full of the potential of an orderly and productive mind. But that is usually where it ends!

Writing a list now generally means that I am just writing a list! It does not mean that I’m going to do what’s on the list during that day (maybe it will all get done inside of a week but then again, maybe not!)

Now, I know that there will be a few Batties out there twitching and wringing their hands at the horror of unfinished lists. But I have found a freedom in it, which I quite enjoy. I was always such a good child and it feels a little bit naughty to not complete a To-do list in the given time!

So, I would just like to round this up by saying that I do not appreciate other people’s suggestions as to lists that I might like to do, not ever!  Of course their are a few exceptions, the one below being a good example, lol.


So Batties, if you find lists motivate you, that’s great but for those of us who don’t or who would like to know the power such lists can wield in productivity but can’t find their way there, please don’t offer us more lists, thank you!

For those Batties who feel like I do, you’re probably starting to hyperventilate looking at that list.  Remember, just b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

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