Darkness – An Illusion?

Hello lovely Batties, I do hope you are all keeping well and remembering to b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

I recently visited my local Costa Café for a lovely cup of coffee and a natter with a dear friend of mine (coffee and friends are two of my favourite things). I noticed that they have a bookcase there, where the public can both donate books and buy any (for a mere 50p) that catch their eye.

What struck me most was the general genre of the books, they were all about vampires, murder, espionage, forensic science CSI, and generally what I would call ‘dark’ subjects. They certainly were not books that would lift my spirits. If I read one of them I would be looking over my shoulder, scared of mirrors, my own shadow and the dark! And I’d be chewing whole bulbs of garlic, wearing a cross and battening down the windows at night!!!

Bookcase(Apologies for the photo, I’m clearly not a photographer!)

I was left wondering if these books were in some way a reflection of our mind set. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily wrong to read such material, each to their own. But I do think it’s unhealthy to read a lot of it. What we fill our minds with directly affects the way we see the world. There is enough doom and gloom ‘out there’, without adding to it.

Before you think that I’m being over dramatic here, I do understand that not all of the folk in my town drink at Costa and that of the folk that do, not all of them read those books! And it was pointed out to me that they had been given quite a few books from one customer (obviously a fan of the ‘dark side’). But this book donation is for the Costa Foundation Charity, a very good cause.

I personally am a bit addicted to books. I especially love second hand ones, as I like to think about the pleasure that a previous reader or two has gotten from the words. So to avoid any more disappointed ‘bookathletes’ (I made that up. People who get through mountains of books) please, please, please look and see if you have any ‘pleasant books’ you might like to donate.

I’m sure that Costa isn’t the only company to do this. And it’s a wonderful way of both circulating old books and helping a good cause. I’ve promised to donate some more light-hearted books next time I succumb to the urge of a lovely cup of coffee.

This is not a Costa advert, lol. I do visit other coffee shops too! However, I would like to thank Costa for the wonderful work they are doing through their Costa Foundation. Whatever darkness those books might be spreading, is dwarfed by the Light of Costa’s Foundation, which shines brightly!!!



2 thoughts on “Darkness – An Illusion?

  1. Looks like another job to go on my job list now to go into Costa’s make out I am looking at books and tidy those book shelves up ha ha Of course a nice drink in there while I am doing it


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