A Little Bit Of A Rest

Hello lovely Batties, can you believe that we’re over half way through January already? I know that for many it is a tough month after the spending and over indulgence of the festive period. Many will have made New Year Resolutions and not done as good a job at sticking to them as they’d hoped (one good reason not to make any, lol.)

I do so love this time of year when nature has slowed down, gone into hibernation and all seems relatively quiet, at least on the surface! I love the mild shock when stepping outdoors, and the crisp fresh air hits you and brings you to your senses, if you were still feeling a bit groggy!Jan20-a-little-bit-of-a-rest

There is something incredibly nurturing about having to put on layers of clothes, it’s a safe feeling, a bit like a cuddle. I guess it must be the distant memories of Mum or Dad helping to dress you against the elements as a child, before pushing you out the front door to go and play with equally well wrapped up friends.

This time of year calls for us to slow down and take stock of ourselves.   It’s a time to ponder over what has worked well and what hasn’t. Now that ‘silly season’ with parties and shopping galore is behind us, we can come up for air and hopefully create the time to ponder over last year and what worked well and what didn’t.

I know that many of you are very busy Batties, but if you try, you can create some space, even if it’s only the time spent in the bath or shower. Ask yourself what you would like to achieve this year. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it could be cutting out sugar, coffee or crisps from your diet. Getting up ten minutes earlier to enjoy a cuppa in a quiet place in your home.

For those feeling super inspired, try something bigger like signing up for a course that you’ve wanted to do, joining a social club or fitness class. Going out with friends more often, having friends round for meals. Whatever you decide to do, may it bring pleasure into your life. You deserve it!!!

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