For The Love of Words

I’ve always loved reading and writing. I spent much of my childhood with my nose in a book and through my teenage years kept a diary. As I grew older, my diary entries changed from, ‘I love Simon,’ to deeper musings and so the need for more space in which to write arose and I started to journal.

For those who aren’t familiar with journaling, it differs from a diary in that you take a blank book and write in it whenever you feel compelled. You are not confined to a set date and writing space. For me personally, journaling is an exploration of what’s really going on ‘under the bonnet’ at that time. I like to muse over the meanderings of my mind, which on a day when I’ve eaten too much over-ripe fruit (see Hello and Welcome) can be most interesting.

I love the way that some words sound, one of my favourite words is ‘irked’. Not because I like feeling irked, I just love saying it!


Just today I was watching a video when the word ‘thrumming’ was used, as in, “I felt the vibration thrumming through my body,” Ooh, doesn’t that sound good? I can picture a guitar being strummed and imagine the sensations it arouses as the sound reverberates (loving that word too) through the air and my body.

I also love listening to songs in foreign languages, sensing the meaning/emotion regardless of the language. Words carry energy and the sounds and the tones convey harshness or softness, peace or turmoil.

So Batties, think lovely thoughts, speak of beautiful and wondrous things, be blessed and remember,




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