Battie Fitness Progress!

Okay Batties, if you cast your minds back to (Happy New Year 03/01/16) I mentioned that I had signed up to a thirty day yoga programme but was already behind with it! The yoga programme is on day 24 and I still haven’t looked at one of them!!! Do I feel guilty? No not really, I knew it was a long shot when I signed up.

Next the Belly Dancing (Shake, Shake, Shake 07/01/16). I never returned to this class as I had a few twinges with my lower back, and decided that it wasn’t going to burn enough calories anyway!! And the sight of all that flesh wobbling could cause motion sickness!


Then I signed up for Hula Hooping, which I thought would be a good workout. Well, it was certainly a good workout for my brain!!! Who knew that you had to rotate the hula hoop both ways (not at the same time, I hasten to add). If you don’t, you end up with developed muscles on only one side of your stomach. My stomach is not looking its best anyway, so definitely don’t need to create a lopsided look as well, goodness me!!!

It got dangerous when I had to rotate the hula hoop around my hand, with my arms held tightly in to my sides. It flew off across the room and nearly hit the lady next to me! (Crash helmets required!)

Needless to say, I spent most of the hour picking my Hula Hoop up off the floor. And did I ache the next day?!!! Thankfully I wasn’t covered in bruises like some of the ladies in the class. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted. And again, not a great calorie burner, so I won’t be going back there either. Umm, is there a pattern developing here?

On a positive note, other than the fact that I’m good about all of the above, our local council has marked out a mile long walk at our local beach. The great thing is that you can time yourself as you stride out from the start line to the finish. I  walked it twice last week, so maybe I might be good at walking???

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