To Spiralize Or Not!

I was watching a cooking programme the other night, when the presenter whipped out a spiralizer.  Well, I was captivated by this marvellous piece of kitchen gadgetry.  Apparently, I am somewhat behind the rest of the nation, as I’d never heard of it before!

A quick look on the web and I discovered that the price range varies from £9.99 for a hand held one up to £89 for a top of the range spiralizer.  I gather from my research that you can be left with quite a bit of the vegetable core with the cheaper versions.

A spiralizer pushes the vegetable of your choice through a series of sharp blades via the turning of a handle delivering vegetable noodles.  I’m guessing that cauliflower or broccoli might not work so well!

To date, the only vegetable that I noodlify (made that up) is cabbage, which is a great substitute for pasta when stir fried with onion and peppers.

This does seem to be a fabulous way of getting in your 5 a day or aiding in a weight loss programme. The question is, do I need one? The answer is no, not really.  Would I like one? Oh, yes indeedy, I surely would.  But I do wonder if, like so many other gadgets, it will gravitate towards the back of a cupboard once the novelty has worn off.

I wondered if any of you Batties have one and if so, is it hidden in the back of a cupboard?

A little more research revealed that you can buy a nifty little gadget called a Julienne Peeler. Granted it takes a bit more effort (effort equals burning calories, so could be a plus) and you might need a supply of plasters for any accidents!  But at a mere £3.55 from Lakeland, it might be worth considering!


Then again, do I really want to replace delicious pasta with a vegetable?  I always hide chopped courgettes and carrot in my bolognaise sauce anyway and serve a side of broccoli, so perhaps not.

Phew, all that research just to decide not to get one!!!

2 thoughts on “To Spiralize Or Not!

  1. Do hope people will comment on what they have at the back of their cupboards for me over the years Breville Grill, Ice Cream Maker, Bread Makerand I am sure there are others


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