Truth Or Lies, What Hides Behind The Mask?

Part of a recent course I attended involved dressing up as my ‘alter ego’!  I had three months to think about this and knew that we (myself and the other lovely ladies on the course) would be expected to stay in costume for a good part of the day.

It’s an interesting project, as first you have to contemplate who you ‘think’ you are and what qualities you ‘feel’ you lack but would desire.  I decided on the Egyptian Lion Goddess Sekhmet as she represents courage, healing, power and generally a ‘not give a damn what others think’ nature!


So for my outfit I definitely needed a mask, as even on a bad day I don’t remotely resemble a lioness!!  I didn’t go for a full face mask as I wanted to be able to eat and drink during our breaks, with it on (ever practical).

I have always had a strong dislike of masks.  I always wonder, ‘what are you hiding?’ So I was astounded by the effect of wearing one.

I felt emboldened, as I knew people couldn’t see me, lol.  I wasn’t suddenly invisible. The mask didn’t even cover much of my face but I felt hidden!  This gave me a feeling of empowerment, which seems daft as I felt and looked a bit silly in my outfit!!

It was a powerful lesson as I realised that if I could be bold and confident wearing a mask, I could be bold and confident without it.  Surely I’d unknowingly been wearing a mask all my life. The face I see in the mirror believes herself to lack courage and worries so much about what other people think!

We are bound by so much social conditioning and the expectations of our family and friends that we feel the need to conform and project a certain image.  Is this truly living?

‘If you could be certain that nobody knew it was you, who would you be and how would you behave?


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