I’m Off, But Leaving You A Little Something Special

Hello lovely Batties, I’m off on a bit of an adventure over the weekend.  I’ll be travelling to Glastonbury for the second part of a three part course on the beautiful, magical, mystical and altogether enchanting Runes!  I quite simply adore them and have found them so helpful in getting to know myself and in making considered choices.


For those who don’t know much about Runes, they are simply twenty four energies which operate in our lives.  There are Rune energies of stillness, chaos, joy, giving and receiving, change, abundance, protection and the list goes on. Some of these energies flow easily in our lives and others we struggle with. This fluctuates constantly, changing along with the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  Understanding these energies has helped me in so many ways and it is my hope that my runic journey will continue to be both thrilling and enlightening!

For me they are like a tool kit, helping me to understand some of the life processes in which I find myself.  There is so much more to them for those who wish to delve deeper!

So as I embark on the next leg of my runic adventure, I’ll leave you with the Rune Sowilo.

You will have to wait for tomorrow’s post to discover what it means (I’m such a tease, lol)!!!


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