My Perfect Day

I had the most perfect of days today. You see, every night when I go to bed, I run through my plans for the next day but they never happen.

However, today was perfect. I remembered to gently coerce my mind and body to wakefulness and to start with a big smile of gratitude. Then (having allowed the time) I did some gentle breathing exercises and a short meditation. Gee this felt good!

I trot off to the bathroom to freshen up and put my yoga kit on. I find my yoga mat and roll it out on the floor. As I step barefoot on to it, I take a deep inhalation and marvel that I am actually doing yoga at 7am! Thirty minutes later after a gentle workout, I lay there relaxing for ten minutes.

Now it’s time to shower and give myself a nice oil massage from head to toe, mindful not to slip and bruise myself from head to toe!!! This feels like bliss (I’d even remembered to turn the heating on so the bathroom was lovely and warm) and I wondered, ‘why I don’t do this every day!’

Things are going so well and now it’s time to take Esme (the dog) for her morning walk. It’s such a lovely dry day and the air so fresh, to be honest, a bit too fresh, it’s stinging my nostrils!! There’s still frost on the grass, an unusual sight for me as I’m not usually out this early. I find myself running around the field like a child, playing chase with my dog!

The walk is over and now it’s time to make myself a lovely cuppa tea and do some work on my blog. I don’t eat breakfast, (naughty? Apparently not, it’s all about intermittent fasting now) so manage a few hours at the computer and then it’s out with a few girlfriends for lunch.

I won’t bore you with the rest as it would take too long and anyway, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Nope, it was as I said at the start, (all in my head) It’s not that my idea of a perfect day rarely materialises, it never materialises. But oh, how I do love to think about it!!


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