Hello lovely Batties, here is a little something to make you ponder!!


It’s dark here,

I can’t see It’s light here,

I can see everything

Funny how I sense myself more in the dark

When it’s light, I see you and want to be like you

In the dark it is so peaceful,

I can hear the beating of my heart

The throbbing of blood pulsing through my veins

I feel fully alive, alert, sensitive to touch and sound

Even taste is different here

Why do I desire the light more than the dark?

For in the dark I am truly me, not a version of me that the world might like to see

Cocooned in a blanket of darkness, l am

By Fruitbat



2 thoughts on “I AM

  1. Yes I get it in the dark we are more aware of self in the light we see to many distractions and not so aware of our bodies to be still just 5 minutes a day to start with I could see would be very benificial


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