lightbulbHello lovely Batties
With reference to yesterday’s poem ‘the Wandering Pen’, have you ever found yourself doubting your ability to do something? It can be extremely frustrating, and even more so, if it’s something that you have done previously and know only too well that it is doable!

What is a Battie to do in such circumstances? Don’t look to me, I don’t know, lol!!! It’s just something that I’ve observed in myself. So no magic pill on offer here, just the usual ponderings of my mind!

The thing is, we are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. I once went on a course where we had to write our name on the top of a piece of paper and hand it to the person on our left. They had to write an observation of who they perceived us to be. The paper went round to everyone and then finally landed back in the lap of the original individual. It was a revelation and a huge confidence booster for me and the other lovely souls on the course.

What is it that makes us put ourselves down all the time and doubt our abilities? If you’ve thought of an idea, make it happen! Sometimes we have the idea but not the wherewithal to make it an actuality. Instead of discarding it, what if we sought out someone to help us with it? If no one immediately springs to mind, just nurture the idea until help comes!!

So Batties, cast your minds back to ideas and opportunities which you have considered lost. Dust them off and take a fresh look and remember, it’s okay to be brilliant!!

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