Bouncy Like Tigger

I’m feeling super charged today as I’ve been eating lots of super foods. As I’m sure you’re all probably aware, these foods carry an extra pizazz. They give you so much more energy and help to mop up the ‘bad guys’ in our system. Why, just yesterday I was exclaiming the virtues of wheat grass. I had a small glass ‘shot’ of it with my breakfast and hey ho, I was bouncing around like Tigger for the rest of the day. I had such an enormous amount of energy, I scarcely recognised myself!


What probably added to the ‘bounciness’ was the kale, avocado, coconut, spirulina and banana smoothie I had for lunch! Not only was it full of antioxidants, which were literally charging around my body and stomping on all the free radicals but I had the added bonus of feeling self-righteous, drinking such an ‘on trend’ smoothie!

Yeah, okay, right, you know that didn’t really happen!! There is no such thing as a super food. There is such a thing however as ‘dire’ food. As long as we eat predominately fresh and unprocessed food we will be giving our bodies the nutrients they need. Such a healthy eating plan could be called ‘super’ but no single food stands alone. And it takes a very disciplined, or in my case probably hypnotised mind, to stick to such a diet. The odd little gremlin (dire food) is going to get in there.

So rest assured my lovelies, as long as you aim to eat as healthy as you can manage and of course educate yourself as to what ‘healthy’ food is (no it’s not carrot cake and carrot cake does not count for one of your five a day) you will indeed be super!

2 thoughts on “Bouncy Like Tigger

  1. Yes the message is to think before you eat do you just fancy it or is it going to promote a healthy body l have changed my way of eating lately but still a long way to go


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