Have you ever seen a toddler put their hands over their eyes in the belief that if they can’t see you, then you can’t possibly see them? I think it’s a wonderful idea to suddenly become invisible when you feel you can no longer deal with something.


My version of this is something I’d call a ‘Sanity Blanket’. A small piece of cloth the size of a hand towel but made from muslin that is easily folded up and carried in your handbag or a pocket. It would have pretty embroidered designs around the edges and the words, ‘Time out’ in the middle.

Some situations it might be useful for:

Your hair is a mess
You didn’t have time to put makeup on
The person you’re with is boring you
You’ve just made an idiot of yourself
You just want silence

What would you use it for, or do you have another solution? Of course, I realise that I wouldn’t actually be invisible but if you should see me out with my Sanity Blanket on my head, please pretend that I am!!!

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