Going it alone

I’d like us to cast our minds back to yesterday’s poem (Where does my help come from?). It’s so easy to read something and not fully comprehend the message, or fail to see that it applies to ourselves. Maybe not at this exact moment but in the past and no doubt for most of us, in the future!


There is a huge increase in people being signed off from work and being prescribed anti-depressants. Others literally just drop out of society and live on the streets, so deep is their despair at the life they feel they’ve been handed. There is good reason for this, we live in a fast paced, work and consumer-ridden society.

I know that like myself many of you Batties will identify with the causes and repercussions of stress. There is often a common denominator and that is that we consider ourselves and are indeed, strong people. The problem is that often we will ‘soldier on’ when we should be asking for help.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and for me I knew I was sinking but just kept baling out the water. At first a bucket or two, then it got frantic and the water started leaking uncontrollably out of my eyes. To my utter alarm and embarrassment, I could no longer keep the ship afloat!

If only I’d asked for help, or at the very least spoken to someone about it. If you feel that you can’t confide in family or friends, then go and visit your doctor or holistic practitioner. Please don’t feel like the world has passed you by!

3 thoughts on “Going it alone

  1. Very good advice I loved the way you illustrated it the sinking and the water ending up with tears you truly have a great gift I am sure today’s blog will help people that are in this situation now


  2. You said it well! We all feel alone sometimes. And, don’t want to “bother” someone else with our troubles. But, sometimes a part of us is just “crying” out to be heard!!! So, let’s keep right on “Breathing”! And, learn to “Listen”! 😊


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