Raising Your Vibration

Raising my vibration, what on earth is she going on about now you might ask? And quite rightly so, it is indeed a strange world, full of strange folk like me wanting to share what we have discovered. Thankfully, most of us are harmless, lol.

Seriously, there is scientific evidence to support the fact that everything is made up of vibrations (sound frequencies). Not only do we vibrate but parts of us vibrate at different speeds.


The theory in the ‘Holistic field’ is that the higher the vibration the better it is for us and the happier and more abundant our lives will be (I’m all for that!) Examples of emotions with high frequencies are love, joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness. The baser emotions, anger, guilt and hate have a slower vibration. So then, if we can raise our vibration, we can attract better things into our lives (sounds good!)

This also applies to food, the healthier fresh foods having a higher vibration than processed foods. That knowledge was enough to get this Battie researching the pros and cons of different blenders. I finally decided on and bought myself a NutriBullet.

The NutriBullet is a fabulously easy blender to use and so easy to clean. In no time I was throwing together the most amazingly tasty and good for me, smoothies. I managed this for several weeks but as the colder days drew in I wanted hot food and found it difficult to face a cold though tasty smoothie.

I reflected back over the benefits that blending so many ‘higher vibrational’ foods had given me and realised that I had not attracted any extra abundance into my life! Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong and I’m supposed to hug the NutriBullet while it’s blending and receive the higher vibrations that way!  If that’s the answer, why settle for a mere kitchen appliance?  I’ll be back later, I’m off to find me a power tool!!!

7 thoughts on “Raising Your Vibration

  1. I love this post! Yes highly vibrational food is great and lets look at what we feed our mind every second of the day too … Let’s feed ourself with thoughts as nutritious as we can!


  2. It’s not easy to stay in a higher vibration, or to get there in the first place. Everything’s we do or don’t do makes a difference. Do the best you can with each new day. To center in the “heart”, to me, is where to focus. ☺ 💓


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