Celebrate YOU Day

Hello my lovelies,

Fall in love with myself? How on earth do I do that? Lol, I could practically hear some of you shouting that at yesterday’s post (A Valentine Message)! Often the hardest person for us to love is ourselves and there are endless reasons for this. We think that we are not pretty or handsome enough, that we are too fat, thin, tall, or short. That we’re not very funny, clever, English, French, Greek, Chinese etc.

But wait a moment, what if we are actually perfectly and completely who and how we are meant to be in this exact moment of time? My, doesn’t that put a different perspective on things? You’ve done an excellent, top rate job at being you!! Well done, there’s nobody in the whole world who can be as good as you at being you! And that’s exactly how it should be, so stop trying to turn yourself into someone else, you won’t be able to do it and it will make you quite miserable, as you probably know only too well!

So I declare today a Celebrate You Day. So on this day you can give yourself a rest from the misery of trying to turn yourself into someone else. Be glad that you are perfectly you and know your family and friends are glad of who you are too.


6 thoughts on “Celebrate YOU Day

  1. Why why why do we always put ourselves down I know I do it all the time Today every time I have a negative thought I am going to try to replace it with a positive one


  2. It appears I am excellent at being what others want. It is now time to see who the real me is and I need to assure myself that I will like what I find. I will shine through so I am following you wisdom Fruitbat and I just know I will learn from it. Thank you x


    1. Who you really are is authentic and beautiful. I know your fear as I’ve been there. The freedom in being me is enormously liberating, as it will be for you. Go on Battie fly, fly, fly 💖


  3. “Exactly”! Accepting who you are is what we all need to learn. When you wake up, every day, look in the mirror and, say “Hello Fruitbat, I’m gonna be who I am today. And, that in itself makes me “happy”!


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