My Fat Brain

Hello my lovely, lovely Batties, I have been seriously suffering from an ailment I choose to call Fat Brain Syndrome.


Let me explain how I first became aware of this double edged syndrome. Along my path of healing, I have found a wonderful homeopath, who has helped me enormously. On one of my visits she prescribed total rest from anything educational or mentally stimulating. I was only to do recreational, creative (cooking, knitting and gardening) and generally restful activities. She said that I’d been overfeeding my brain and that I’d caused it to ‘get fat!’

I love studying, researching, reading non-fiction, doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku. My idea of resting is to learn something new! And now I’ve created an insatiable fat brain that is constantly looking to be fed, which I love doing.

The point is, this blog has become fodder for my fat brain and I have at times been awake all night with ideas to blog about. I have even gotten up at 2.30am because of it and spent two hours writing and even then couldn’t sleep!

So my lovelies, I’ve taken it on good advice that posting an article every day is causing my brain to get fatter. Which I absolutely love but know isn’t good for my health.

I am going to post less frequently, so for those of you who read me every day, I ask for your understanding and for those who don’t (why aren’t you?), lol. No seriously, for those of you who read three or four articles at a time, there will be less of a backlog. I trust that you won’t fly away to another clan?

Now this Battie needs to go and b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

6 thoughts on “My Fat Brain

  1. I think it’s a good idea to post when you feel “inspired”! And, not to “dog” yourself. Let it be a “pleasure”, not a “have-to-do”!


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