Wading Through Treacle

Hello lovely Batties, I do hope you are flowing with the current of life and not resisting it. If you’ve ever seen a salmon swimming upstream, or felt like you’re wading through treacle, then that is the


effort involved with resisting. (Would love to know if anyone has literally waded through treacle!!)

Ideally life should feel like we’re flying high on the thermal currents with our bat wings spread wide, effortlessly surveying all around us. Well, for the most part! I have to confess that on many occasions I’ve been happily flying along and suddenly found myself being bounced and buffeted by a tornado. Which hasn’t been as bad as when I’ve gotten carried away with a few loop the loops and hit a building (literally had the stuffing knocked out of me!)

As we step back from the chaos we start to see patterns of behaviour. The way we react to certain people, situations and the way certain people react to us. Once we develop the ability to observe these things, we can then start to process the ‘why’ (reason they keep happening)

What are the triggers (people/situations) that cause you turmoil? Spend some time thinking about the recurring patterns in your life? It would be handy to jot them down and ponder them over the coming weeks. Once you see them you can start to understand why they keep happening. Knowledge is power!!!


4 thoughts on “Wading Through Treacle

  1. I am now writing my list on loo roll, it might take me a while to wade through it and no doubt I will do numerous amounts of loop the loop on the way, this is one battered batty 😩 Moving forwards x


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