Be Prepared For Anything!!!

I have been seeking a ‘path to tread’ (a way of living at peace with oneself) and had all kinds of interesting opportunities and experiences as part of that journey. As you will know from reading (Hello and Welcome 14 Dec) I am on a ‘spiritual journey’ actually, ‘life journey’ is more appropriate as all life is spirit.


As part of this ‘journey’ I found myself trying to master the art of sitting cross legged (definitely not lotus) for periods of twenty to thirty minutes. I’m always up for a challenge or new experience!

Now in the Yogi world there is a phenomena called kundalini. For the less enlightened Batties, lol (I say that tongue in cheek) it is simply a source of energy which runs along the entire spine. In most of us, this energy is blocked and can’t flow freely up our spines. The point at which all the energetic blockages along the spine are removed and the kundalini energy rises, one is considered to have achieved enlightenment. Please understand that I’m in no way making fun of kundalini and deeply respect the Yogic traditions.

Back to me… So as my legs got so horribly numb in this cross legged position, I invested in a meditation cushion (zafu) which helps to stop the numbness by keeping your hips above your knees (When stood, I don’t encounter a problem keeping my hips above my knees!) Anyway, I was really getting into it when my legs started shaking. Oh my, what is this I wondered? Then my belly area, which is quite vast, started twitching and shaking, my mind was leap-frogging back and forth, was I about to become enlightened? I’d read that a great deal of shaking goes on when the kundalini rises. How fabulous was this, me a mere beginner getting enlightened so quickly!

Hmm, wait a minute, could this be something else, I pondered? I very carefully moved my legs and instantly it all stopped, I think I must’ve managed to tweak a nerve!!! So no kundalini moment for me. But it did get me to thinking, how many folk have mistaken a tweaked nerve for the awakening of kundalini!!!

4 thoughts on “Be Prepared For Anything!!!

  1. Sitting in that position isn’t easy at all. I don’t think it’s essential to sit in that position. I think being “comfortable” is important! Pain is energy “blockage”. Personally, I prefer to sit with feet on the ground. Ground yourself, & “Breathe”! 😊


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