The Silent Killer

Hello lovely Batties, with regard to yesterday’s post (All Of A Quiver) have you given any thought as to what is eating at you? We know that stress is not good for the body but it is so hard to manage it at times. I know that I can catch myself in a world of angst, having allowed a small thing to build up into a monster in no time at all!


So what to do about it? Well, as you know, I’m no expert, I’m just bumbling my way through and leaning on a lot of what I’ve learnt over the years. I sometimes forget in the heat of the moment to practice the techniques which I have learnt. But when I remember, the results are excellent. It’s about catching that thought and challenging it instantly.

One thing I do know, it is possible to build yourself up into such a panic over something that the fear of it could literally kill you! Many times I have felt like I could literally drop dead of a heart attack from the fear. Then the hour strikes when I’ve had to do the thing I’ve been dreading and it’s turned out to be no big deal!!

Seriously Batties, we owe it to ourselves to ‘calm down’ at these times. Worrying only robs us of our peace of mind. It doesn’t change the circumstances and keeps us from enjoying the present. So ditch the worrying and just b-r-e-a-t-h-e!

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