Shine Battie, Shine

Hello my lovely Batties, I have a fairly simple question for you today. Would you like to shine like a beautiful diamond with a dazzling smile (you, not the diamond) and a radiant soul? Not possible I hear some of you mumbling, Fruitbat is setting the bar to high!!


“Oh no I’m not” and “Oh yes it is possible.” I am now going to explain how, lol!

For a diamond to be formed, extremely high temperatures and tremendous pressures are required. These conditions occur in parts of the earth’s mantle, some 90 miles below the surface where temperatures are at least 2000 degrees Fahrenheit! (Now that’s pressure)

I bet some of you have guessed where this is going and not liking it very much. Be brave and keep reading, you are doing brilliantly!

We need to ask ourselves, do we want an easy life with little resistance and minimal personal growth or are we going to embrace change and difficulties safe in the knowledge that they are the perfect tools/conditions in which to buff up our lustre (think massage in place of buff if it helps, lol.)

You know those really irritating folk who drive you nuts? Well you need to practice the ‘buffing process’ with them. They are the perfect ‘tools’ to help you develop patience, kindness, tolerance and unconditional love (that last one might be a bit of a stretch yet but it’s always good to have something to attain to!)

We are all diamonds with varying degrees of brightness, who could always use a bit of extra buffing to shine ever brighter!

If this article scared you, lol, you know what to do…


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