Find Your Bliss

Hello my lovely Batties, I do hope you are all keeping well? What is it that you think would make you happy, really happy? Not money, holidays, losing weight, plastic surgery or any other material stuff but something deeper that is essentially who you are.

What is it that is an expression of you that you’ve ignored, neglected or plain disbelieved in? You need to take a few moments here to really think about this………..tick tock……….tick tock…………..
Some of you will already know or have an inkling and some of you might never have given this any thought whatsoever!!!


For me, it’s writing, reading, researching and teaching. I am like a ‘pig in muck’ whilst engaging in any of these activities. I decided a while back that I needed to do more, much more, of what makes me happy. It wasn’t an overnight, instant, “Gee I’m happy now” moment, it was a gradual progression as I spent more time doing these things.

Now I am writing a blog, engaging with wonderfully talented people on Twitter and Facebook and my life is so much more fulfilling. You see, I was born to do these things and do them well. When something comes naturally, it is mostly effortless and richly rewarding. My dream is that one day I’ll get paid to do these things. But if that doesn’t happen, at least I’m enjoying myself!

So Batties, what is it for you?

3 thoughts on “Find Your Bliss

  1. Lots of reaching into the depths of my mind. It’s been so long since I looked, I’m not sure what is down there 🙄 🤔 X


    1. Nothing scary I’m sure. It takes time to truly delve and often the develing isn’t even necessary and you get one of those, ‘doh’ moments 😊💖


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