The Beat of The Drum

The drum beats, oh so slowly and I sway to its gentle sound.  As I undulate I feel myself becoming one with the beat. The gentle beat of my heart is pulsing the blood around my body without any conscious effort of mine. How can something so gentle be so incredibly powerful? What would I be without that gentle heart beat? My life hangs on the rhythm of my heart and I barely hear it or pay it any attention.


I lift my feet now, feeling the vibration of the drum as it picks up tempo. I can no longer just sway, I am lifted into action and into a dance, a beautiful dance unleashed by the drumbeat as my soul recognises the message of movement and dance. Arms no longer at my sides but outstretched making graceful shapes and seemingly having a life of their own.

In this moment I am graceful, light and weightless like a beautiful ballerina lifted up to the sky. The drum beat and I are becoming one. Then in wild abandon, I jump and twirl, a tornado of motion, yet stillness in the depth of my soul. The drumbeat working deeply within me, unlocking pent up emotion, anger, grief, fear, frustration and paralysis all released. I let out a whoop and startle myself but it feels good so I cry out again and again. Words I do not understand, sounds I’ve never made before are ushered up from the depths of my being. I release them gladly, and embrace the healing of the drumbeat and utterances.

Tears are falling down my cheeks, tears of release and acceptance. Then comes laughter, joy, peace, the paralysis now gone, only this moment exists for me. The drumbeat is now my heartbeat, or is my heartbeat the drumbeat?

So many cultures around the world use and understand the healing of music and song. Yet in our culture in the UK it is sadly neglected. It’s not that we’ve never done this but sadly it has been lost/abandoned. Many would feel awkward behaving in a manner as described above. How terribly sad and what a great loss. I encourage anyone who connects with this message to find ways to cultivate these beautiful healing activities back into our lives!

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