Gold Dust

Back in the day when I was a very ardent Christian, there were lots of so called, signs and wonders happening amongst the congregations. I particularly remember people claiming to have been given gold teeth by God, or who seemed to have gold glitter on their skin.

At the time, I thought the gold teeth thing was quite funny as it is a typically human thing to say. I would much rather have a mouth full of perfect, cavity free teeth than gold ones. And if God was going to restore/heal surely that is what he would do?


The gold dust was a bit different because I’d seen a few people displaying this and it looked real enough. Though in hindsight, again, what’s the point of it?

The reason for my telling you this is that it happened to me!!! Yes, I went to a Maurice Cerello (evangelical preacher) conference at Earls Court in London. I was staying in a hotel by myself and one night as I was about to put the lights out, I realised that my hands were literally covered in gold glitter! I was amazed and kept turning my hands this way and that to catch the light. Wow, I thought, this must mean I’m special if God has deigned to sprinkle me with gold dust!!! I stayed in this state of ‘specialness’ for a good five minutes, after all being one of the elite is a pretty darn impressive feeling! Then I noticed that the new bible I had bought that day had gold leaf on the edges of the pages and it had transferred onto my hands!!

The point is, we are all special and have beautiful gifts to offer this world. We do not need God or anyone else to affirm us or sprinkle us with gold dust. We have our own light to shine. So Batties, go and shine brightly!

And if you come across such things, be kind to the individuals concerned for they clearly need the attention and fail to realise that they are special in their own right, gold dust or not!

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