Anti-stress Colouring Books

Is it me, or are most of the so called ‘Adult anti-stress’ colouring books extremely stress inducing?

I have a very busy mind and I do not state that lightly! It is difficult for me to quieten my mind and sometimes almost impossible.

I have however, noticed a significant slowing down in my thinking since I’ve managed a 30 minute meditation practice every day. I’ve tried this before but picked the wrong times to do it and either couldn’t settle or did the opposite and nodded off!!

So for a mind that is already mostly frazzled, the mere sight of one of those ‘anti-stress’ colouring books almost fills me with a panic! I understand the concept of sitting and focusing on colouring in the spaces, which is a mindful practice. But if the picture you’re colouring in, is crazy busy with thousands of squiggles, which quite literally offends your mind, then, what the heck!!!busy-colouring

That said, I have found a few Adult colouring books with much bigger areas to colour and this I can embrace, like the one below!


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