Are You Waking Up?

What is consciousness? In its most simplistic form it is being spiritually awake. When we are asleep we are not aware of our surroundings, or even our own bodies. As soon as we’re awake, we regain our sense of these things.

Rousing from sleep naturally is generally a gradual process, and there is a lovely moment of peace when sounds seem to be in the far distance and all is calm. Then the mind jolts you wide awake with the coming day’s schedule.

I’m sure that scientifically there are many stages to waking up. So it is with the concept of consciousness. The more conscious (awake) we become, the more aware we are of our connection to all things. And that our choices ripple outwards like throwing a pebble into a pond.


We begin to understand that the world is a living organism of which we are intricately entwined. That we are not Overseers or stewards of the forests, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, animals. We are not superior in any way, all things are equal and need and support each other.

We look with horror at the rape and pillage of not just people but the land too. For we recognise that this beautiful planet is in distress. With heavy hearts we read about the destruction of the Rain Forests and driving out of native peoples from their land.

We see how asleep the people are who don’t realise that their actions are ultimately, slowly killing all of us. They hunt and kill or destroy the habitat of animals, causing entire species to become extinct.

We see how unconscious (asleep) people build towns on flood plains or animal migration paths and blame nature for the ensuing water damage and attacks by animals on their citizens.

We have lost our way. We no longer seek the wisdom of Shamans, Druids, farmers, medicine women (those who know the way of nature). If we want to build, we build regardless of the consequences and goodness knows, there are so many consequences!

The truly conscious person does not point a finger in blame, as they know that five, ten, fifteen years, or even minutes ago, they too knew no better. It’s a process, you can flow with it, or ignore it and stay in a slumber. The choice is always ours.

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