Poor Prudence

Prudence threw the duvet back and almost collapsed into her bed, letting out a big sigh, she wondered what kind of a night she was going to have. You see Prudence doesn’t sleep very well and at times verges on insomnia. She mulls over in her mind if there’s anything that she might be doing to cause this awful problem…


Prudence doesn’t set an alarm as she has no young children and doesn’t have to get up for work, so she gets up when she wakes up. Once up she makes herself a good strong cup of coffee and has a breakfast bar while she watches the news on TV.

Then she is off out to meet up with a few friends to catch up on all the gossip over a lovely cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake. On the way home she buys the newspaper which she reads as she is eating her lunch. Lunch varies, it’s usually something quick and easy like a cheese sandwich and a packet of crisps, washed down with a cup of coffee.

Then it’s time for her little indulgence, she knows she shouldn’t but she loves to watch Jeremy Kyle and it’s her naughty little secret, even her husband doesn’t know about. Then an hour on her iPad checking her Facebook and Twitter accounts. After this Prudence dashes round the house making it look presentable for when her husband gets home.

After dinner it’s time to watch her favourite programmes, which have been pre-recorded so she doesn’t have to endure the adverts. Then at about 10pm it’s time for a quick bath and then bed. Though once in bed, Prudence then spends an hour on her iPad, just to be sure that she’s up to date with everything!

As she lies there tossing and turning, she thinks, “It must’ve been the glass of wine I had with my dinner, or is it that cheese doesn’t agree with me?”

Poor Prudence, should listen to her Aunty Mae and step away from a lifestyle that is slowly killing her, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  And how many times has Aunty Mae said, “Keep that cat out of your bed!!”

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