A Touch of Claptomania

Over the years I have practiced all kinds of prayers, rituals, meditations etc. One of my favourite prayers is called, ‘Invocation for the Removal of Obstacles’. What a lovely meaty title that is!


It is a fairly long prayer and I took the trouble to learn it by heart, so that I could literally carry it with me wherever I went. I have even recited this prayer in the pitch black of night, on the balcony of a cruise ship out in the middle of the ocean!

The prayer is about (just in case you didn’t guess by the title, lol) moving obstacles in our lives and I must confess that I saw quite a few changes over the course of time as I faithfully practiced this prayer before I went to bed.

As part of the ritual, you have to clap at regular intervals during the prayer. The idea being that you are letting the spirit world know that you mean business and getting them to pay attention to your prayer. Sometimes the claps had to be soft and sometimes louder. I had a strange notion that the soft claps only attracted local spirits and if you wanted to get the attention of those in Australia, China, Tibet etc. you would have to clap louder, lol.

What a crazy notion that spirit is affected by time or distance! Or that spirits could only speak the language of where they were from! In that case I’d only have to do soft claps for English speaking spirits, lol. Sometimes I do wonder at the ponderings of my mind!!!

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