Trust in Yourself

Hello lovely Batties, I do hope that you haven’t given up on me, as it’s been five weeks since my last post! I’ve had an extremely difficult time of it and felt that anything I posted would be in a negative vein and I don’t want that for my blog. Yes, some of life’s lessons are awfully hard to process and I do write about that, but I always want to end my posts in a positive or helpful way. I now feel able to do that, so here goes……


I have recently had an extraordinarily harsh lesson as to whom I place my trust. In this instance it was to do with ‘healing’ but it could just as easily been the sharing of a confidence with a friend.

Dear, Batties, I implore you to please be careful of what you share with others and also if the person you are trusting is a ‘healer’ please, please, please be totally sure of who they are. Not just what they claim to be but who they really are! Find out where they studied and for how long. There are so many people out there giving themselves titles off the back of a weekends training or brief associations with shamans/gurus, that it is horrifying.

What most folk don’t realise is that a lot of very real damage can be done to a person and you might not be as lucky as I was and know an excellent person to go too to sort the mess out.
I can’t stress this enough. If you have the slightest hesitation about a person, do not allow them to minister to you in any way. Mine was a spiritual situation that was badly handled and then I was made to look like the bad person. The gossip and maligning of my character is hard to bear but good for my ego, lol.

As difficult as this situation has been for me, I have learnt an incredible amount about myself, my boundaries, character, integrity etc. But the most important thing I’ve learnt is to trust my instincts because they are rarely wrong.

Precious Batties, it’s a jungle out there, so take great care.

4 thoughts on “Trust in Yourself

  1. Sorry you have been through the mill. But you never need to go through these things alone. You have been missed, and truthfully I would rather hear what you have to say, in good and bad terms, than go weeks without knowing you are ok. But then thats probably my insecurities rather than someone elses. I know we all handle things differently…lol.
    And thank you for sharing what you learn. 💖


    1. How lovely of you Freya. I enjoy my blog and sharing my experiences, if I can make someone smile or encourage in some way, then I’m happy. Much love 😊💖❤️


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