Taking Care of Me

So how have I coped with the aftermath of my previous post (Trust in Yourself)? I have tried to treat myself very gently. Not at first, lol, no I was much too busy remonstrating with myself over my stupidity. But once I calmed down and realised that it was done and I can only look forward and learn the lesson, I got on with what I really needed!

I have given myself space to heal by doing exactly what I feel and not pushing myself. I’m fortunate in that I don’t go out to work, so my bed has served as a comfort, along with soothing music. I’ve spent time down by the sea and in the local park with its beautiful trees.


I’ve also leaned on a few special people who understand how I’m feeling and have given me wise counsel and a lot of love. I have sought the counsel of a wise lady who is adept in the area of concern for me.  I have also forgiven the person who I feel was partially responsible what happened to me. It’s not worth the energy to stay mad and anyway it has taught me a powerful lesson of which one day, I’m sure I’ll be grateful, lol.

Mostly I have just been gentle with myself. This in itself is strange for me, I’ve always driven myself hard and not cut myself any slack. But hey, we all make mistakes and when others do it, I don’t beat them around the head about it. I support them, even when I feel drained myself.
This brings me to another point… if you are feeling empty, do not try and help someone else! It’s not good for either of you and you can end up resenting the other person. I have learnt in life that there are givers and takers and very few people who are actually balanced in this area.
So it’s okay to not be okay! It’s okay to feel vulnerable as a new-born baby. What’s not okay is not acknowledging it!

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