A Walk on the Wild Side

Exercise has been a bit of a ‘dirty’ word for me of late. I have gone to bed every evening thinking about how I should do some walking and yoga. I especially love yoga but have been unable to


motivate myself to do any.  Not all of it my fault, mostly due to very low energy levels.  Yes, I know, when we feel like that, we should get ourselves moving but it is easier said than done!

I’ve had many conversations with my husband over the last two years about the general lack of activity in my life.  Apart from walking Esme my adorable French bulldog, I don’t do anything.  And anyone with a French bulldog knows that to take one on a walk is not exactly challenging in any way.  Bless her, but Esme is tired after five mins of chasing a ball and needs frequent rests.  If exercise was the reason for getting a dog, we definitely chose the wrong breed!  It was love that brought Esme into our lives, pure and simple.

I have been throwing out all kinds of excuses not to do things.  I signed up to a year long gym membership two years ago and only went twice!  I’m not proud of the money I wasted and genuinely thought at the time that my energy levels were returning (how wrong I was).  I used to be a real gym bunny, couldn’t get enough of it!

My excuse for not walking is that I live in a housing estate and unless I jump in the car to drive somewhere scenic, it’s simply not going to happen!  I want my walks to feed my soul as well as nurture my body.

Today I was finally persuaded that getting in the car and taking a short drive somewhere is totally worth it!  I found myself walking barefoot on grass for two miles and I absolutely loved it . I felt like a child and wanted to skip and run and spin round and round (all of which I duly did).  I felt so happy, so connected and stronger as the walk went on.

Taking my shoes off felt so liberating.  As I continued to stride out I became aware of the rhythmic movement of my hips and felt a lengthening in my spine. It felt so good to be at one with nature and at one with myself.  It was totally awesome and I’ve decided that walking barefoot on grass is therapeutic for me and I shall be doing a lot more of it!!

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