I used to think the ground was solid and safe, supporting my weight.
Then suddenly it was taut, like stretch tarpaulin and catapulted me into space.
Now I’m free-falling, tumbling, twisting, rolling, and hurtling where? I do not know.
Maybe a tree will catch me and break my fall, something familiar to grab hold of.
Maybe it won’t and I’ll die a certain death, only to pick myself up and walk again.
But this time on new roads, ones I create for myself. Others may follow, some surely will.
Though not the fainthearted, for this is Hel’s Hall.
What will you sacrifice, a hand, a foot, your reputation?
To walk with the Spirits and travel the other worlds comes at a price.
Such rich wisdom to be found there, which this world so greatly needs.
Come and fall with me, into the depths of mystery.
Forever changed.


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