There is a yearning, a deep ache within me.
A sense of evolution, a sense of becoming.
Surely it is the wise woman, the crone shifting within me?
Calling me to know her, to embrace her.
To fear not the power that rumbles in my soul, shaking my being.
She will not be ignored any longer, yet she scares me!
Shrouded in mystery and magic which I sense but do not know.
Such power waiting to be unleashed.
I don’t feel ready, yet I can live in this skin no more.
I am shedding it unconsciously, yet my conscious mind is screaming, “No, not now!”
Yet my winter is upon me.
So down into the Abyss I must go to collect some wisdom.
To look at the things I fear and see if it kills me!
For my skin no longer fits the life I’ve been living!


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