Let Food be our Healer

The body is an awesome machine, capable of so much and it is the vehicle through which we carry out our lives.  But do we appreciate this and nurture it adequately, or just expect it to support us, no matter what?

I have introduced my lovely little French Bulldog Esme to you previously and would like to use her as an example here.

Poor Esme has had a difficult time, she is only three years old and the first two years of her life were extremely uncomfortable for her. She was not a well puppy when I got her, though at the time I didn’t realise it. I noticed immediately that she was very sensitive to the chemicals in flea treatments and worming products. She would be ill for several days after the flea treatment and wormers used to go right through her. So I did some research and found natural ways of treating her for these things.

Then between the age of six and eleven months she had three separate courses of antibiotics for different complaints. Half way through the third course she developed a terrible skin condition with sores and scabs all over her body and her paws were so sore and swollen that at times she refused to go out for walks.  When we did take her out, we had to carry her to our local park as she couldn’t bare to walk on the tarmac. The vet told me she would have the condition for the rest of her life and that the best I could hope for was to manage it with special shampoos, which were chemical laden! I DON’T THINK SO! As you can imagine the vet didn’t take too kindly to my suggestion that the antibiotics might be to blame!

Alarmed at the prospect of Esme’s future health and pretty certain that what she had was treatable, I took Esme to see a canine nutritionist, who took one look at her and said that she had a deep seated yeast infection bought on by too many antibiotics. Ta da… music to my ears! I knew that I could help her, it was fixable.  What then ensued was eighteen months of detoxing, done by changing her diet, shampoos and adding herbs and homeopathic remedies and also changing to a holistic vets an hour’s drive away. Esme is now a healthy, happy and energetic little dog.

It hasn’t been an easy ride for either of us and I have sat on the floor and wept over the state that she was in on more than one occasion. There was also a few times when I nearly caved and went to the local vet. One time in particular was when Esme developed a sore on her muzzle, she had lots of sores but this one kept growing and got pretty deep. I was worried that she had a skin eating disease. Fortunately, I had developed a deep trust of the canine nutritionist and she assured me that it was something called a ‘hotspot’ and that it would go away, which it finally did. I shudder to think of the trauma that I would’ve caused Esme had I panicked at this point, which was about eight months into the programme. I would’ve undone all of the progress that we’d achieved and been back to square one!

What I want to stress here, is that diet played a huge part in her recovery. As I’ve watched her struggles and setbacks (which were in fact, her body pushing the yeast to the surface), I’ve been truly amazed at what the body can achieve in healing itself, if given the time.  We live in a society which, at the first sign of any discomfort runs to the doctors to get medicine, which often doesn’t heal the problem but masks or subdues it. The relief might come quickly but it is only a temporary fix. I am not undermining the medical profession, there are occasions when it is absolutely vital that we seek the help of our doctor.  But for the majority of the time, our bodies are quite capable of healing themselves.

It seemed to take forever for Esme to get fully well but she did and the problem no longer exists. If I’d listened to the first vet, Esme would still have a skin condition and be living a life of constant pain and discomfort.

We live in a time where we have lost faith in the power of our bodies to heal and the power of the food we put in our mouths to assist us in bringing about that healing.


6 thoughts on “Let Food be our Healer

  1. I have witnessed this journey you have had with Esmie it has been remarkable and only due to your perseverance that it has worked I have witnessed your tears and frustration but now you have a very healthy and happy Esmie
    Esmie is so blessed to have you as her Mum if she hadn’t come to you goodness knows what would have happened to her your perseverance paid off well done


    1. Thank you for your affirmation of the struggle Esme and I went through. It was a very difficult time but we are dancing for joy now xxx


  2. Esmie is a beautiful soul just like her mummy. Thank goodness she ended up with you through your tears and perseverance you have both come out the other side of that long dark tunnel. Love you guys 💋💞


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