There is nothing like the real thing

In my previous post (Let food be our Healer), I gave an example of my dog’s healing journey, predominantly through diet changes. However, it begs the question that if food can heal, why is there so much sickness amongst us?

The Free Dictionary states that food is:
‘Material, especially carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, which an organism uses for energy, growth, and maintaining the processes of life.’

Here in the UK we have The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) who govern what is deemed, food safe for human consumption. But food is big business and as with the pharmaceutical industry, an ever decreasing amount of companies have the monopoly. They are squeezing out any opposition big or small and have a strangle hold on our farmers and other food suppliers. This does not however, affect the quantity or variety of foods on offer, but the quality of it is a totally different matter.

I was fascinated to read that when Federal Agents are being taught to recognise counterfeit money, they first spend a considerable amount of time familiarising themselves with the real thing! Once they have become properly acquainted with the feel and look of the genuine article, they are then given money with forgeries amongst it, easily spotting the imposters!

I believe that it is the same with food. If we have been brought up on a diet of predominately processed food, we don’t question it and think it tastes just fine, as we’ve nothing to compare it to! This is huge because there is so much at stake for our health when our taste buds willingly accept overly sugared, salted and processed food. Because…drum roll…’s not just the taste but what the food offers nutritionally that is so important.

A good example of this is bread, which should be a wholesome, nourishing way to fill up hungry tummies. And if what you eat is wholemeal or rye etc.  then wholesome it is. But not all bread is created equal. If white bread is your staple you need to be aware that it is a highly processed food. Here is what happens to the flour:

It is stripped of the bran (fibre) – this gives the bread a lighter texture. Next the wheat germ is removed, stripping the flour of 23 nutrients including B vitamins and iron! Next the flour is bleached using a chemical bleaching agent, otherwise it would be a rather dreary grey colour. Oh, don’t forget it also has synthetic vitamins added to make up for some of the stripped nutrients. These synthetic vitamins are not absorbed properly by our bodies.

For those feeling slightly superior because they eat brown bread, please understand that the only difference between white and brown flour is food colouring!

So how is this allowed to be called food or flour? Shouldn’t it be called Fake or Artificial Flour? At least the consumer would know what they were buying. Imagine going to the bakers to pick up a White Crusty Fake Loaf or Fake rolls!  Yummy!

Then to add insult to injury, this Fake Bread is cheaper than the ‘real thing’ and yet it has cost far more to process. When did this change around happen? White flour was something that only the rich folk could enjoy a hundred years or so ago. Now it is cheaper than good quality wholemeal flour and making the masses sick! Checking back to the Free Dictionary definition, white flour cannot possibly, ‘maintain the processes of life!’ This stuff plays a part in causing constipation, diabetes, nutritional deficiencies and obesity to name but a few.


Now let’s take a quick look at honey. Most folk would think nothing of picking up a jar of regular honey in the supermarket, knowing that it is good for you. They probably would jerk their hand away from the more expensive Manuka or raw honeys as if stung by a bee, as the price difference is huge. Yet the difference in product is incredible, the cheap honey (Fake Honey) is literally a jar of sugar!

For honey to have all of its wonderful health benefits, it should not be filtered as this removes the pollen, bees wax and propolis which make raw honey such a remarkable food! Nor should it be heated above 40C as this destroys the enzymes which have a high medicinal value.  Raw honey has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties.  Yet once again we have the conundrum of why, when cheap honey has to go through so many filters and heat processes, is it far cheaper than raw honey?

And don’t get me started on vinegar, margarine, fake olive oil, refined vegetable oils, processed meat and cheeses, artificial (clue in the word) sweeteners etc. These foods are not ‘the real thing’ and by ingesting them, we are slowly but surely killing ourselves.

We and we alone are responsible in educating ourselves, as we cannot rely on our respective ‘governing bodies’ to do what’s best for us…..sad but true. So please insist on the ‘real thing’ and your body and mind will thank you for it.

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