A Little Bit of Heaven

One of the few great things that happened for me last year, was that I successfully kept this blog going. That might not sound like much but it’s a huge deal for me. I’d noticed that I had a tendency of starting but not finishing things. Being an over-thinker, I immediately turned this realisation in to a spot of Fruitbat bashing (please don’t panic, I am referring to myself and not the lovely little nocturnal creatures), thinking that I was a failure!

The problem wasn’t a lack of ideas, as they are bountiful (if not a bit overwhelming).  No, it was the belief that I had to act on every idea that I had! I would scribble on bits of paper, any ideas that came to me in the middle of the night or whilst doing the housework etc.

These ideas were never small,  after all what’s the fun in that? I had plans of designing and selling things, writing a book (I’ve had a dozen or so ideas on that count), starting a B&B, moving to the country and trying to live off grid, lol. Like I could even cope with that for one day! This didn’t stop me from spending hours on the internet researching and hunting for cheap properties/land.

So it was a real relief when one day as I was reading about Runes, the author stated that not all ideas are good ones and that even when they are good, they might need to be left alone, or we would burn ourselves out! Hello….why didn’t someone tell me that a few decades ago? But I digress, so back to the Blog.


Although I maintained it for a year, I found it a struggle at times. Why, when I love writing so much, was I so reticent to actually do it? Then, one day in January as I was sat staring at the screen, I realised that I didn’t actually like being in the study where I do my blogging. We have lived in this house for ten years and the study has always been my husband’s domain. As I surveyed the room, it dawned on me that there was nothing of me in it, apart from a few photos of my good self, which are favourites of my husband.

Lightbulb moment….I need to make this my space too! What ensued was a few hours of creating a mini haven for myself. My wonderful husband, who is always encouraging me, was quick to tap a few hooks in the walls so I could put some pictures up. I then moved the printer from the raised purpose built platform on top of the desk and put a few plants and other paraphernalia there. The printer is a bit further away from the desk, which means getting up off the chair if I need to use it, but hey, think of the calories I’m burning, lol!

Lo and behold, I now have a lovely work area which I feel totally comfortable in. I can’t tell you the difference it has made. I actually want to spend time in the study! It’s a place where I now feel that I belong and spend time contemplating, as well as working in. To my delight, I noticed the next day that my husband had placed a few items amongst mine and has confessed to liking what I’ve done.

The startling thing about all of this, is that when I look back, I realise that it was as if the study didn’t exist for me. How sad that there was a room in my lovely home which I had alienated! Surely we should feel at peace in every single room of our homes?

I had previously created a little corner of ‘heaven’ for myself in my bedroom. All it took was to place a rug, cushions and a few other items which are special to me in a corner of the room. I sit there when I want to be alone or meditate. It’s such a simple and inexpensive thing to do, yet the benefits are awesome. Just glancing over to that corner brings a feeling of warmth and a smile to my heart.

Don’t be put off if you can’t allocate a whole corner of a room permanently to yourself. You can always create the space each time you feel the need and pack the stuff away again afterwards. I’m sure that pretty soon you’ll be able to glance at that space and feel the connection. I can hear some of you thinking, ‘Yeah, great idea but I haven’t got a lock on the door to keep the children out!’ Well that’s not a problem…If you have a lock on your bathroom door, make your bath a mini haven, only be sure the taps aren’t dripping.  The idea is to float off in your mind somewhere and not get wet doing it, lol!




4 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Heaven

  1. I know where you are coming from sitting in an area that is pleasing encourages you Recently I was sorting through my dear Husbsnds things and found two beautiful shells they are now in now displayed and give me great pleasure every time I look at them


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