The Lake

I marvel at the view before me, the lake looks so beautiful, tranquil and still. I’m sure she is beckoning me to draw nearer. I look at the sheer vastness of her and hesitate, for I fear she is harbouring dark secrets.
On the surface she is a thing of great beauty, drawing gasps of wonder from passers-by. I can’t tear my eyes away from the beautiful turquoise hue of the water. Sunlight reflects on the surface like sparkling jewels. “Come hither and you can wear these jewels as stars around your neck and diamonds upon your ears,” she whispers.The-Lake-Sept-2017
Enchanted, I step forward and find myself at the water’s edge. I discard my sandals and wade out. The water is cool and soothing to my tired feet. I sigh with pleasure as I feel my feet sink slightly into the bed of the lake. Something touches my ankle and I jump with a start, then laugh as I see a small fish swim by.
I wade out a little further and notice a change in the colour of the water ahead of me. Startled, I realise that another step or two and I would surely disappear beneath the surface as the floor of the lake drops steeply away. I calm my racing heart, take a step back and gaze into the depths. The water is very still and I have the sense of something lurking in its depths.
As I peer down a hand shoots up from below and grabs my ankle, pulling me down, down into the cold, forbidding depths. As I sink further and further, all sign of light disappears above me. It feels like I am being entombed! There are monsters and demons down here, they laugh and mock me. They poke and prod me with their bony fingers and pierce my skin with their sharp teeth, delighting in my terror! I cry out, “Goddess of the Lake, save me! Please don’t let me die down here.”
In that instant I wake up, sweat beaded on my brow, heart beating out of my chest, a cry of despair at my demise. But wait, it isn’t my demise… it’s an awakening. I know that I carry these monsters around inside of me, pretending they’re not there. They have names: Anger, Jealousy, Fear, Procrastination, Pride, Self-importance, to name but a few.
I can continue to pretend they’re not there, as nobody sees them. Or I can accept them, maybe even befriend one or two. For how can I continue to deny myself?
I was right to fear the lake, for like me she was not what she seemed. Are you?

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