Tool Box for 2018

As I reflect back over this past year, I can clearly see that the enthusiasm that I started out with, quickly diminished! There are many reasons why this came to be…overly optimistic, unrealistic goals, health problems, family drama and a realisation that I wasn’t coping very well at all!

I have learnt a lot about myself this year and have realised that my ‘coping mechanisms’ are no longer serving me. My tried and tested Tool Box needs an overhaul. Some tools are rusty and need some attention and some are no longer good for the job.

2018 has arrived with a fabulous Full Moon and will no doubt be eventful. Like a lot of people, I understand that the positions of the planets and our astrological signs, amongst other things, play a significant part in our lives. With this in mind, I looked up what this might mean for me in 2018. I do not want to blindly stumble through yet another year! This coming year I am going to be prepared, with my Tool Box to hand.  It’s not that I believe every little nuance is going to happen, just because I read it. But getting a feeling for the general flow of energy in 2018 can help me to prepare for any particularly troublesome months.

Thankfully I have a new tool to help me with moving forward in life.  It is, in my humble opinion, quite marvellous! I consider previous tools to have operated on a manual level but this new tool is definitely a power tool. And as would be expected with a power tool, one must use it with care and appreciation.Toolbox with tools. Skrewdriver, hammer, handsaw and wrench

I have literally been pulled up kicking and screaming from a very dark place. In just five short weeks of using this Tool I have found courage, self-esteem, friendship, moments of absolute calm and hope for the future. I am now three months in and still marvelling at just how much this ‘power tool’ can do. I’m hoping that you’re a little bit curious as to what it could be?

Tools obviously don’t work by themselves. Patience is needed in order to learn to use the controls responsibly. Incorrect use can lead to frustration and even harm.  It is so important to read the manufacturers manual before using a product. So how fortunate for me to have a wonderful instructor to guide me along the way.

Okay, it’s time to share this wonderful, personally life changing tool with you…………it’s Kundalini Yoga!

I have learnt that you can’t have stress and anxiety if you have a strong nervous system and Kundalini Yoga is all about strengthening the nervous system.

Here’s how it’s different from any other form of exercise/meditation that I have ever done:

  • Postures are held for several minutes, causing discomfort but you are taught to use breath and/or chanting to get through it. And it really is okay to take a rest if necessary.
  • The eyes are kept shut most of the time, shutting out what is going on around you, further focusing inward on what your body is experiencing.
  • Frequent short rests allow your body to adapt to any changes and feel deeply relaxing. Almost like giving yourself a ‘well done’ hug.
  • Meditation is active not passive – using mudras (hand gestures) and breath. This is a huge one for me. If my mind is left to its own devices it runs havoc. Sometimes I wish I could just take my head off my shoulders and put it somewhere so that I can have a rest!
  • Sound – beautiful music is played throughout the class, which is particularly great during the rest periods. Also, mantras are chanted and the sound from them is deeply healing.

So that’s my Power Tool going into 2018. I encourage you to look forward to the coming year ensuring that your Tool Box is fit for the job.

May your hurdles be mountable, your joys be of new heights and your health be excellent. May you prosper and walk in love always.

Happy New Year dear Batties!


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